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Policies and Procedures


-As a courtesy to our patients, we will bill your insurance company for each visit. In order to provide this service effectively and efficiently, we require that you present the patient’s current insurance card at each visit. If no proof of insurance is provided you will be responsible for the cost of the visit.
-Please be informed as to your personal benefit plan. You will be responsible for all costs not covered by insurance. Also, please ensure that our providers are in your plan’s network prior to your visit.
-Co-pays are due at time of service.
-If you do not have insurance, payment is due at time of service.
-If you are in need of a payment plan, our billing office will be happy to work with you.


-Patients are seen by appointment only.
-We offer same day sick appointments and have convenient evening hours for both sick visits and physical exams.
-We do not charge for forms that need to be filled out for school/camps/daycare or sports. Please allow a week for forms to be ready for pick up or mailing.
-In order for our providers to remain on schedule, we ask that you call prior to arrival whenever you are bringing a child to the office. We assess a $25.00 walk-in fee (non-billable to insurance) for unannounced visits.
-We also ask that you kindly call to cancel any appointments so that someone else may use the availability. Repeat missed appointments may be subject to fines and possible dismissal from the practice.

Phone Calls

-At Sanders Court Pediatrics, we believe you should have access to your health care providers. During the day, our registered nurses are available to answer questions. If you would like to speak directly to your provider, messages will be returned the same day. When the office is closed, one of our physicians is always available for urgent concerns.
-We encourage phone calls prior to any urgent care or ER visit so that we can help coordinate care.
-We do not charge for phone calls. Medication Refills
-Please allow 24 hours for medication refills.
-Certain chronic conditions may require an office visit prior to the medication being refilled in order to monitor effectiveness and/or side effects of the medication.