2018-2019 Flu Vaccine

For the 2018-2019 flu season, Sanders Court Pediatrics will only be administering the injectable flu vaccine to our patients.  Following the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), we did not order and will not be providing the flu mist this year.  The APP released the following statement in regards to the flu vaccine:

“We really want to immunize as many children as we can against the flu with what we think will be the most effective vaccine. That’s why we’re recommending the flu shot,” said Henry H. Bernstein, DO, MHCM, FAAP, associated editor of the AAP Red Book Online. “Influenza is unpredictable from season to season, which means vaccine effectiveness can vary by age, health status, and type of vaccine. Recent history has shown the injected form of the vaccine to be more consistent in protecting against most strains of flu virus.”

Sanders Court Pediatrics wants to provide our patients with the most effective flu vaccine possible, and closely align our practice with the American Academy of Pediatrics.  We encourage all of our patients ages 6 months and older to receive a flu shot to help keep them safe and healthy during this coming winter.  The flu vaccine we offer does not contain a live virus, and is preservative free.

Flu vaccines will be available shortly, and flu clinics will be held in both offices.  Please check back frequently for the announcement containing flu clinic dates & times.


For more information, you can find the full article published by the APP here.