September Office Updates


Sick Visits

Beginning Tuesday, September 1st, Sanders Court Pediatrics will begin seeing sick visits in a modified manner in both office locations.

If your child is sick, you will be given a telemedicine appointment.  During the telemedicine appointment, the doctor will discuss your child’s symptoms, perform a virtual exam, and make treatment decisions.  If the doctor feels that they cannot adequately diagnose your child over a telemedicine visit, you will be given an appointment time to come to the office for further evaluation and/or testing.  You will only be billed for one visit if the doctor decides that your child needs further evaluation.


Flu Vaccines

We will be holding flu clinics in both offices this year for flu vaccine administration.  While we have not received our flu shots yet, we anticipate they will be arriving within the next few weeks.  A portal message will be sent out when flu clinics are open for scheduling.  Flu vaccines can be given to all patients 6 months of age and older.


Doctor Updates

We are excited to welcome Dr. Finkle back from her maternity leave on Monday, September 21st.  Dr. Garcia is retiring from practice on Tuesday September 1st.  Dr. Pervos will be going on temporary administrative leave beginning Wednesday September 16th, with hopes to return to the office for patient care in spring 2021.